Cosmetics & Personal Care

The Cosmetic and Personal Care manufacturers struggle to stay competitive in a global market. They are challenged to deliver more specialized products targeting smaller market segments. The cost of raw materials continues to increase. Maximizing efficiency, eliminating waste, and reducing energy costs are critical in this space. Batch-to-batch consistency and avoiding the risk of cross contamination is paramount to their success. The aqueous and solvent based cleaning protocols for dozens of products all formulated in the same piping systems can be a major challenge.

Acuity Process Solutions is a focused group of experienced sanitary process professionals. We distribute a complete line of Fluid Transfer, Heat Transfer, Mixing and Blending, Instrumentation and Controls, Tanks and Accessories, Hose/Gaskets/Fittings in traditional Stainless Steel and Plastic materials of construction designed specifically to meet the demands of the Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry.

Working one-on-one with our customer’s we focus to understand the nuances of each process. Our goal is to increase your company’s efficiency, reduce the risk of downtime, avoid the expensive lost product, an ultimately reduce the net cost per unit sold. Our broad knowledge across multiple sanitary process markets delivers the insight and innovation to meet the increasing regulation of the FDA. We can be reached at (508) 809-5099 or

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